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Find the best game servers for rent - Counter-Strike 1.6, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat and more!

Game Server Portal

At Game Server Portal we strive to bring you a list of reputable game server rental companies so you and your buddies can have a high quality server to play your games on along with high quality customer service. We only profile those companies that we have had direct contact with and would stand behind their servers and customer service. We have either played on all companies profiled or we have a reputable source that will also stand behind that company. Each company has a link to their site and also list the game servers they offer for rent.

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If you would like a full listing of the rental game server companies that we have profiled click here.

We have found companies that offer the following game servers:

Game Servers:

Voice Servers:

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Game Server Portal does not take responsibility for any fees incurred from using our site, visiting a site listed on Game Server Portal or anything that happens when visiting or leaving this site. We are a company that recommends certain companies for certain game server rentals, but we do not suggest that you bypass any of your own research. We do not endorse not sponsor any of the companies listed on this site. We research every company before we list it on this site, and we will not accept money for listing a certain company above another or recommend one company stronger than the other. We offer an un-biased website containing game server rental information for renting your next game server. Please use caution when agreeing to game server rental, as some offer you great deals but require long term contracts. Read all fine print prior to game server rental. We accept no responsibility for any actions taken by you while visiting this site or after leaving this site. We offer no guarantee that the game server rental company you choose will be the best for your needs. The final game server rental choice is up to you, we just provide some useful information. Thank you for visiting Game Server Portal ... happy game server hunting.

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